FG behind abduction of Dapchi schoolgirls-Ohanaeze

The apex Igbo social organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, on Thursday described the alleged staging of the abduction and release of the over 100 Dapchi girls by agents of the federal government as ‘the height of serial, inglorious pathological deceit and hoax’ the country has ever witnessed in a short period of time.
In a statement issued in Abakaliki, the National Publicity Secretary of the organization, Prince Uche Achi-Okpaga, noted that the incident was a “good plan” marred by poor execution and asked to know “Which paradise on earth were the girls kept so neat for three unfriendly weeks?”
The statement reads: “The latest drama of the Dapchi School girls release is the height of serial and inglorious pathological deceit and hoax. In their bid to make unfounded and unthinkable comparisms (with the regime of Gooduck Jonathan) President Buhari and his hegemonic Fulani cabal become antithetic as they are contradictory.
“Apparently, in a hurried orchestra to display their high dexterity of quick response to the manipulated abduction (as against the snail speed approach of the then Jonathan’s regime) the “good plan” was
marred by poor execution. Over one hundred girls appearing in new and neat dresses with their big bags of different makes.
“{The thought provoking questions are “Did all the girls dress for a religious or social outing shortly before their abduction? Were they allowed to bring their new clothes on abduction or were they taken to a boutique for their fine “uniforms” before they were brought back?
“For the first time in history, instead of dropping them in an undisclosed point, the abductors brought back their captives amid cheers and jubilation from observers and even security operatives who
were said to have been on their trail for three weeks now.
“Which paradise on earth were the girls kept so neat for three unfriendly weeks? So the Government knows the abductors and negotiated with them even as they are still killing Nigerians in tens and hundreds? Nigerians were also informed that no ransom was paid against Lai Mohammed’s assertion that they did it “the other way”. A complete antithetic statement from the same Government. All these are begging the question.
“This Dapchi episode is one Nigerians are watching with undistracted interest and unalloyed scepticism. We keep watching and note that each time the Government tries to prove an improvable point it ends up
contradicting itself and exposing her own shortcomings. The Government is still hobnobbing and negotiating with the terrorist Boko Haram it alleged to have been defeated years ago.
“Few days ago the Vice President said the present Government is not as corrupt as that of Goodluck Jonathan. Meaning that it is still corrupt but the only difference is the magnitude. However, in Jonathan’s
regime only human beings were corrupt. Now, even snakes and monkeys have joined the train of thieves. Since 2015, Nigerians are yet to know the details or the whereabouts of looted but recovered funds with an indicted Magu who could not pass Senate screening still heading the EFCC unsubmisively.”
Also, a political analyst and social critic, Chief Abia Onyike alleged that the whole ploy was designed to applaud the President Buhari-led administration’s effort in the area of security without the actors realizing that Nigerians had lost faith and confidence in the operations of the present federal government.
“I don’t believe in the Dapchi episode. It was a well rehearsed drama to toy with the lives of school girls. The essence of the whole drama is to eulogise President Muhammadu Buhari for his dexterity in
security matters.
“But five students were killed in the process. One dangerous reality associated with the PMB presidency is the lack of respect for the sanctity of human lives. People are butchered with impunity and PMB and his supporters are not worried. “If it is not Chibok girls, then it is Dapchi girls or the Fulani militia
otherwise known as Fulani herdsmen. That is the danger and evil of religious extremism. Buhari’s quest for power has perpetuated a culture of bloodbath in Nigeria. Recall that the emergence of a Christian President in 1999 (Obj) gave rise to the introduction of Sharia law in twelve Northern states.
When Yar’Adua died in 2010, Goodluck Jonathan ascended the Presidency. And then Boko Haram was set up as an Islamic resistance movement against his government. Since then, Nigeria has been engulfed in bloodbath.”