NBA holds annual business conference, to interrogate govt on census

The chairman of the organising committee, Dr. Adeoye Adefulu (right), SBL chairman, Mr. Sheni Adio (SAN), and social organising secretary, Theodora Kio-Lawson (left), addressing journalists at the press conference on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at Westwood Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos.

By Ibeawuchi A. Uwaleke

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Section on Business Law (SBL), will on June 26 to 28 hold its explosive annual business conference at Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

This edition, the 13th in the series, will be anchored on the theme: “Growth, Investment and Employment beyond Rhetoric”, which is to examine the economic growth of Nigeria, volume of investment inflow and employment opportunities as they are, without any ambiguities.

Disclosing this to journalists last week, at the Westwood Hotel, the prestigious hotel on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, the chairman of the planning committee, Dr. Adeoye Adefulu, assisted by the chairman of SBL, Mr. Sheni Adio (SAN) said the conference will deliberate and come out with a policy document on why several governments in Nigeria have refused or neglected the importance of census for accurate population figure for any national planning and development.

The duo wondered why the various governments of Nigeria over the years have not deemed fit to conduct census which is doable and does not require too much money like national elections to do, in order to have accurate statistics of the people for planning and proper development of the country.

They are of the view that Nigeria as a nation, at its present stage of development, should not be speculating on the actual number of the people, but with accurate population figure of Nigerians, it can provide basic needs like quality education, good healthcare and infrastructure for the welfare of the generality of the people.

Participants at this conference, according to the organising committee, are drawn across the globe and they will be discussing about Nigeria’s myriads of challenges in the economy, education, healthcare and the daunting problem of insecurity in the country.

Other issues the conference will examine include: The bullying and sexual harassment at the work places, the oil and gas industry and its contribution to Nigeria’s GDP, role of the private sector in fixing the economy, agencies’ regulations and need for providing enabling environment for businesses to thrive, the future of law and lawyers, and the issue of wages for young practicing lawyers.

The conference will also discuss why Nigeria should develop a policy framework that will allow for more value flow in oil and gas sector, particularly the the value chain in the gas sub-sector.