European energy firm mulls to acquire national assets through prominent Nigerians

By Advocate News Online.

A European owned energy company with the knack for pursuing cheap assets across Africa is at it again. This time, we gathered reliably that its resolve is to stop at nothing until the Nigerian asset is craftily acquired.

The same company that acquired assets in Niger and Cameroon a few years back is fiercely gunning for a Nigerian company with a subsidiary in one of the popular tax haven Islands and would stop at nothing to ensure a hostile takeover of the company through the backdoor.

In its ploy to achieve this goal, the company has parleyed the board of the subsidiary of the Nigerian Oil and Gas firm who wants to auction shareholdings of poor investors and were happy to meet one willing to buy the cheapest possible assets in the continent without being aware of the ultimate goal of acquiring the multi-million-dollar Nigerian asset just like Elon Musk did with Twitter.

So, the energy company has hired a renowned Nigerian Attorney with the status of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) to do the dirty job of luring the top brass in the mother company of the Nigerian Oil and Gas firm.

Unfortunately for the European Energy Company, it mis-stepped by hiring an Attorney fingered in one of Nigeria’s shadiest businesses ever, the Malabu deal.

Since his appointment and attendant briefing of the issues, he has gone ahead to seek the buy-in of a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria with an offer to become the chairman of the new company the European Energy Company is prospecting to berth.

The plot never saw the light of day as the ex-governor of CBN who is also renowned social critic blatantly turned down the offer.

When that failed, to further prove he’s not a wrong hire, the respected lawyer approached the chairman of the Nigerian Oil and Gas company with a whopping sum of money in hard currency and offered her a place as the chairman of the dream company when it finally berths.

Again, he was let down as the highly-principled lady, a daughter of a former Nigerian Head of State, would not betray her company for anything under the sun.

Resilient in his new assignment, the lawyer ferociously went after the company’s secretary with another offer to jump ship and join his dream company- the result of that wooing? Your guess remains as good as mine.

It remains unknown any member of the board of the Nigerian oil and gas company that has not been lured by this lawyer who by now should have known that the clandestine plot to hijack the Nigerian asset is but chasing a wild goose.