Proposal for media coverage of Elders’ Home

Co-founder, Elders’ Home, Akute, Ogun State.

Attention: Dr. Badmus.


The Advocate News online is a media company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2018 under Nigerian laws. We maintain high level standard in our research, news coverage, publication, training and consultancy. We also identify with big players in the media industry. We cooperate, collaborate and share information for better performance in our professional discharge of our duties.

Again, we have carried out several media consultancy jobs in the past and delivered them satisfactorily on mandate.

If our proposal is approved by your company sir, we promise to discharge our responsibility with utmost faith and credibility for maximum result.


This segment will be divided into four areas:

NEWS reports to be used by eight media outfits comprising 3 online platforms, 2 newspapers (hard copy), 2 radio stations and 2 television stations. The news items will come before the opening ceremony on July 3, 2023 and after that date, including full coverage of the inauguration. The cost for this segment is N450,000 (Four hundred and fifty thousand naira only), to cover consultancy, logistics, transportation, content editing and other ancillaries. This will be sustained from July through to September.

2. By September another round of news reports will be generated in the form of FEATURES when the Elders’ Home is already operational. These features will target facilities maintenance, hygiene and general cleanliness of the Home, staff strength, number of elders in the House, their welfare and general condition of living standard being offered by the specialists.

The cost of this segment will be N830,000 (Eight hundred and thirty thousand naira only) to cover the journalists of the various select media houses visits to the Home for on the spot assessment and evaluation and publication or presentation as the case may be. This segment will run through till December, 2023.

3. The third round of outing will be INTERVIEWS to be conducted by the select few media outfits. The interviews will feature the founders of the Home, the expert handlers and professionals, staff and residents and other relevant stakeholders on progress reports and challenges if any.

The cost for this segment will be N1,000,000 (One million naira only) to cover the expenses of the media gurus contracted to carry out the assignment.

This segment will run from January to March when the first quarter of 2024 ends.

4. LIVE PROGRAMME VISITATIONS to electronic media houses of a few radio and television stations for live programmes which will entail the project owners, experts, professionals working at the Home, staff and residents or their representatives and other stakeholders going live on air to speak about the Home’s programmes and progress report. We will buy air time anytime the programme is to be aired at any of the stations ahead of time at the prevailing rates available.

This segment will run at the second quarter between April and June, 2024.

The cost for this particular segment is slightly high due to air time we will purchase for the number of minutes the programme will last on air. Tentatively the cost is put at N2,000,000 (Two million naira only), subject to industry review at the time of anchor.

5. ADVERTORIALS AND JINGLES IN ONLINE PLATFORMS, NEWSPAPERS, RADIO AND TV STATIONS. This will entail occasional placements of adverts in selected few online platforms, newspapers and jingles in radio and television stations at prevailing rates for each slot. This particular programme will become a constant reminder of the Home in the public space and people’s minds always. The adverts will be well-crafted advertorials for a small space in online or in the newspapers and jingles that can last for seconds or minutes depending on rates of the stations.

This segment will run between July and September, the third quarter of 2024.

The cost is estimated at N3,000,000 (Three million naira only).


This comprehensive and total media coverage of, home for the elders will boost the promotion of the business by bringing public awareness of the existence of such unique and novel home in Nigeria owned and run by private individuals and expert consultants, as well as giving credence to the value chain of services provided at this wonder land. The consequence is that it will attract the right audience and patronage for the business survival and sustenance.


On approval of this proposal, 70 to 100 percent down payment will be required before our services will be delivered to your company.


We are grateful to you for granting us the opportunity to provide you with our proposal, and looking forward for your acceptance of the contents therein. We assure you that our costs are within range and competitive in the media industry at the prevailing market rates. Our services are second to non, as we maintain high profile standard in our service delivery at all times of our engagement.

For further inquiries, questions and clarifications about our company, reach us on these mobile numbers: 08033151041 and 08020715390.

Thank you for finding us worthy to do business with. We appreciate.

For company:

A.O. Ibe Uwaleke, M.A., (Lagos), Dip. Law, FJEFN, MD/CEO.